We strive to offer you a wide range of methods in one place, so that you wander as little as possible. We’ll show you the shortcuts because our twelve-year journey is measured in thousands and thousands of kilometers...

Welcome and thank you for trusting us!
Dedicated to all the parents who are ready to fight for their children,

Yours respectfully,
Dr Aleksandra Ivančić
Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation


New standards in CP treatment

Our team is highly educated, professional and, above all, full of love for our little patients

In order for a new member to join our team, he must go through internal training for a period of 8 months to a year. Each therapist in our team is obliged to get further training by attending strictly defined seminars.
By organising regular internal seminars, we standardize the work of our team. Above all, we nurture team spirit, as well as mutual love and tolerance.