Primitive reflexes


About primitive reflexes

What are primitive reflexes?
Why are primitive reflexes important for the psychomotor development of children?
Can Primitive Reflex Integration help my child?
How does Primitive Reflex Integration help the children with cerebral palsy, ADHD, dyslexia and autism|

Bloomberg RMT

Bloomberg rhythmic movements have the identical effect on the brain as spontaneous rhythmic movements of an infant

Quantum reflex integration

Reflex integration using low intensity laser stimulation

The Masgutova Method®

Masgutova, MNRI, Tactile intelligence, Archytype Movements

About primitive reflexes

Have you ever noticed that your child startles due to a sudden noise, light, skin stimulation, a sudden change of position? Have you ever seen your child’s body stiffen while he/she is lying on the back and you move away from him?


Bloomberg RMT

Primitive brain
Cerebellum and rhythmic movements
Basal ganglia function


Quantum reflex integration

Quantum reflex integration is a powerful combination of low frequency laser, sound frequency and reflex integration techniques, with the aim of "restarting" the central nervous system and achieving quick and visible results in the patient.


Masgutova method

Archetype movements,
Tactile integration,
Neurostructural integration,
Integration of manual reflexes,
Myofascial integration,
MNRI method