Intensive therapy is ideal for those who want to speed up their child's progress.

What does the TheraSuit® intensive program offer?

We offer a unique and effective one-on-one intensive therapy programme with an experienced certified therapist, which includes children of all ages with neuromuscular abnormalities, mostly diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Our holistic approach focuses on enhancing the development of independence. During each treatment session, a great variety of tools and techniques are used, including the TheraSuit® (a soft dynamic proprioceptive orthotic), the universal exercise unit (an exercise cage), the Spider, vibration platform therapy, quantum laser integration of primitive reflexes, swallowing stimulation.

A typical intensive therapy training session at our center includes:

Our program lasts a minimum of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the individual needs of the patient.

Universal exercise unit The "Balkan frame".

... with the help of which it is significantly easier to target a specific muscle

Therasuit method

Functional training with the aid of the Balkan frame

Practising crawling and walking.

Balance and coordination of movements

Stimulation of the vestibular apparatus.

Vibration platform

Midline and balance stimulation
Proper bone and muscle development
Strengthening of postural muscles (which oppose the force of gravity)
Activation of eccentric and static muscle contractions


Raising a child’s awareness that he can act independently – without the aid of the therapist

Functional training

Lying on the back to lying on the stomach, getting into a sitting position, transitioning to quadruped, tall-kneeling…

Therasuit suit

which keeps the body in proper alignment during workout.