The Pablo system complements our therapies by improving their quality and making them more interesting for our little ones. We get the desired movement by playing (games).

"The Pablo System" is a modern rehabilitation device for children and adults who have impaired motor functions of the upper and lower extremities. Every movement performed by the patient is followed by both auditory and visual feedback on the screen.

Pablo Multiball

Facilitates hand rehabilitation

It supports rotation of the hand, elbow and shoulder joints (supination and pronation movements), as well as flexion and extension. For example: the task of a firefighter is to put out a fire at an exact location. By moving the hand to the right (pronation of the hand) it directs the stream of water. If the water reaches the required location, it will put out the fire and the child will earn in-game rewards.

Pablo stick

In addition to developing the above-mentioned movements, it enables patients to practise the pincer grasp.

Pablo sensor

There is a possibility
to attach the sensor
to any part of the body.

It registers the desired movement which the patient has to repeat during the game on the screen.


Therapy “board”

TYMO is a rehabilitation device that can be used in various forms of therapy including standing, sitting and hand support.