The MNRI programme is often called the "missing link" in many professions that are concerned with even the smallest segment of a child's psychomotor development.

The traditional theory of reflexes refers to the fact that they have a protective role, or rather that they are responsible for survival and disappear with normal motor development during the first years of life (J. Ayers, V. Vojta, K. A. Semionova).
Based on the scientific research of Dr.S.Masgutova, MNRI claims that reflexes do not only have a protective role for humans in situations of stress and danger, but also have great importance in laying the foundations of brain neurophysiology for the development of higher motor, emotional and cognitive functions.
Working on reflexes is like modifying the structure of a leaf, stimulating better venation. The more developed the leaf vein network is, the better the transmission of nutrients and water within a leaf will be. If we make a comparison with the brain nerve cells, the brain will have a better connection of nerve cells and, therefore, a faster and better flow of information if primitive reflexes are integrated. The brain becomes much more functional in all areas:








Answers and solutions should be sought in the integration of primitive reflexes

If your child

  • has trouble concentrating at school
  • can’t sit on a chair for a long time
  • writes letters incorrectly or slowly, struggles to copy from the board
  • has poor handwriting or presses the pencil too hard, leaving marks even on the tenth page of the notebook
  • shows signs of increased anxiety
  • plays with a ball clumsily
  • keeps tripping over
  • can’t hop on one foot
  • has bad balance and is ungraceful
  • walks on the inside or outside of his feet
  • has uncoordinated movements
  • if it is aggressive or shy, withdrawn…

If he has been diagnosed with:

    • Cerebral palsy
    • Perversive developmental disorder
    • Attention deficit disorder
    • Delayed psychomotor development

Answers and solutions should be sought in the integration of primitive reflexes!!!


Sagittal position

Horizontal position