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Aleksandra Ivančić

Born on November 6, 1974 in Novi Sad. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad in 2001 and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist studies in 2005.
Shortly afterwards, she became the mother of a premature baby who was diagnosed with leukomalacia in the parietooccipital part of the brain twenty days after his birth. From that moment on, together with her husband Goran, she began a relentless fight for every nerve cell in his head.
After a year and a half of daily multi-hour treatments using Vojta and Bobath methods, she realized that physical medicine in the field of cerebral palsy is very limited in our region. Inspired by the desire to provide her child with much better quality treatments, she went abroad and encountered amazing methods and therapists who, in addition to giving her theoretical and practical knowledge, also gave her faith and hope that in the near or distant future she would put her child back on his feet, despite major brain damage and vision impairment.

With faith, strength and all the knowledge gathered in 2012, she founded the “Centre for the Development of Human Potentials”, setting new standards in the treatment of children’s cerebral palsy in our region.


„Vukov centar“

provides a unique individual rehabilitation programme for children with cerebral palsy, with the aim of encouraging their independence and, in the near or distant future - walking. Alternatively, in case of severe impairments, our aim is to improve the quality of life of CP children, consequently enhancing the lives of their parents as well.
Specialist diploma


Diploma on the acquired title of specialist

About the methods

Here is a short overview of some rehabilitation methods, based on thirteen years of travelling and practising with her own son, Vuk, and all the children that have been treated at the centre:


In February and May 2009, she attended the first and second ABR parent seminars in Copenhagen, and the third in September in Austria.
She is a great admirer of this method and applies ABR techniques on her child to this day. She is convinced that it is due to this method that her child, despite major brain damage, has neither contractures nor deformities in his body. She is also certain that it is thanks to this method that his body structure has become a lot stronger.
Despite the amazing ABR theory, she sensed that her son needed much stronger stimulation. In September 2011 she is on the lookout for something that would have a faster effect on her child.


In Zurich, Nancy Aberle treated Vuk using this method for a week. Aleksandra then goes to Berlin, where Mrs. Aberle based the entire seminar on her experience of working with Vuk in Switzerland. It was there that she had the opportunity to actually feel the movements and exercises that had been applied on Vuk by doing them herself, which was of utmost importance for her further work, both with Vuk and other little patients.


She attended a TheraSuit seminar with Izabela Koscielny in the Czech city of Pribran, .
She stayed at the TheraSuit Center for two weeks in the American city of Michigan in May 2012. She completed an advanced TheraSuit course, during which she became interested in primitive reflexes because she realised that they are the key to treating the damaged brain.

Masgutova method

Feldenkrais & JKA